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At the discovery of the Costa Verde

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Typology: Vehicular
Themes: Nature
Geography: Hills, Sea, Plane
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Medium

Starting point: Capo Pecora

Golden beaches, clear sea and breathtaking landscape within the Mediterranean scrub: this a tour along Costa Verde that leads to the discovery of the most precious treasure of the territory.

The itinerary starts from Capo Pecora, a cape of Community Importance (SIC) on the south of Costa Verde. Characterized by impressive cliffs falling sheer to the sea, it is a not crowded place that offers moments of peace and relax in a uncontaminated nature.

The next stage leads to the discovery of the beach of Scivu, a SIC and a WWF area. It is called the “speaking beach” because of the particular sound produced while walking on it. It is particular for its wide sandy tracts close to the rocky walls and for the particular beauty of the sea, light blue or emerald green depending on the light of the sun which reflects on the sea floor.

The tour goes on the beach of Piscinas with its high, golden and sandy dunes that mix together with the colours of the Mediterranean scrub. This an ideal place to watch the Sardinina deer walking as far as the sea and the sea turtles “Caretta Caretta” that lay their eggs.

Going towards the northern part, you get to the beach of Portu Maga, a true paradise for children games because of the shallow water (here after the breaking sea it is possible to find the well known “Saint Lucy’s eye” particular iridescent shells ) and the beach of Guttur de Flumini characterized by the presence of cliffs that make the landscape rude and wild.

The itinerary goes on towards the beach of Torre dei Corsari that takes its name from the Tower of Flumentorgiu, a tower built by Spanish in the XVII century to defend the territory from Saracen invasions. In this beach, golden sand, Mediterranean scrub and clear water create an unforgettable frame.

The itinerary ends at the beach of Pistis, a sea village on a hill that overlooks the coast. The beach, which is characterized by a light yellow sand, is 2kms wide from Torre  dei Corsari preceded by high dunes covered with Mediterranean scrub.

This beach is a beautiful place for rocky lovers: basaltic rocks on its sides, with their characteristic dark colour, create a series of impressive coves where take a rest and enjoy a calm sea. These are ideal places for diving and underwater fishing.