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Following the colours of water

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Typology: Mountain Bike, Trekking
Themes: Nature, Sport
Geography: Hills, Rivers and lakes, Sea
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Medium

Starting point: CAI path n° 191 starting  from Montevecchio on the way for Croccorigas

The itinerary starts from Montevecchio along the road that leads to Crocorigas and it is well indicated with panels CAI path n.191. It enters a pinewood that goes until the valley of the little river Rio Ruggeri crossing many confluences. Reached the place Sparedda, a valley with different paths and fields appears: go on along the river that, from this point, is called Rio Zappaioni.

At Rocca sa Mela point, the canal becomes narrower and following an ancient path you get to Casa Sparedda. Here the colours are white and red, because of the remains of the minerals washing. At this point of the path it is possible to meet old junipers.

Going on towards the west and having crossed the stream, the valley becomes wider and the stream changes its name in Rio Piscinas that becomes red at its confluence with the stream Rio Irvì because of the presence of iron. In a few time the marvellous beach of Picinas can be reached with its fine sand and clear water. The path ends at the ruins of an old dam used to help the passage of tunas towards the tunny-fishing nets. Along the path it is possible to admire the lush Mediterranean scrub and the sea -lilies and the sea-fennels on the dunes. The itinerary, which can be made on foot or by mountain bike, it is not difficult: it is descent without difference in level and with good lanes.