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The conquest of Mount Arcuentu

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Typology: Mountain Bike, Trekking
Themes: Nature, Sport
Geography: Wood, Hills, Mountain
Difficulty: Medium
Duration: Long

Starting point: CAI path n° 192 at about 300ms from Montevecchio (Sa Tanca place)

This itinerary can be done on foot or by mountain bike, it is quite hard but it gives many satisfactions thanks to the charming landscapes during  walking.

It starts from the mining area of Montevecchio and, following the CAI path n. 192, it reaches one of the most exciting peak: Mount Arcuentu.

Mount Arcuentu or Erculentu, according to the legend the Hercules’ mount, is an ancient extinguished volcano that houses , on its top, the ruins of an ancient medieval castle.

The starting path is well indicated with a wooden panel with the typical CAI flag (white-red-white).

The path, after having passed through a sheepfold in Cottia place, starts its climbing within the Mediterranean scrub and fields. Once crossed the valley “Canali Canna” (441m above sea level), where it is possible to watch an ancient circular stone enclosure, go on to the north as far as Genna Flore reaching the foot of Mount Arcuentu. Here , the path goes on within reep basalt canyons where there are also the marks of an ancient Way of the Cross that leads,  with difficulty,  to the top. The climb is difficult because of the inclination and of the rough ground, but on the top a peaceful  rest under the wood wait for visitors. The tiredeness is replaced by the beauty of the breathtaking view of the mining areas and the coastline.