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Culture and tradition

The tradition and the culture of Arbus are strictly connected to the agricultural and sheep-rearing economy. Fairs and festivals remind these aspects and give life to the village and to the solitary country churches.  For example, Saint’Anthony of Padua’s feast, with its folk procession of people wearing traditional dresses, and the Goat Fair, celebrating the importance of the goat and sheep breeding and their products.

Saint Anthony of Padua

Saint Anthony’s festival takes place in June for four days: thanks to its religious, traditional and ancient characteristics it is one of the most important religious festival in Sardinia.

The black sheep fair

The fair takes place the first of August in Pitzinurri, a place in Ingurtosu and it is organized by the Association of Black Sheep Farmers (Associazione Allevatori di Pecora Nera di Arbus) together with Arbus Municipality.

The goat fair

It celebrates the importance of goat and sheep breeding in the economy of the village of Arbus.

Sea urchin fair

It is organized by the Cultural Association “Amici Della Torre“ (friends of the tower) with the ProLoco Arbus and it takes place in Torre dei Corsari in March or April.