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In Arbus, the good food is made according to ancient recipes and genuine, natural and high quality products. Among the most known products there are goat and sheep cheese, olive oil and honey (used in the making of taste cakes): they all can be bought in every farm, restaurant and shop. The typical foods are the protagonists in every feast or fair of the town that offer tasting and workshops (the Goat Fair -  Sagra della Capra, for example).

Sheep and goat cheese

Cheese is undoubtedly one of the most important products of Arbus and in Sardinia, too. Its taste is unique thanks to the extraordinary nature of pastures, the climate and , in general, the quality of the territory.


Honey production and bee breeding is ancient in Sardinia and in Arbus territory, too. In spring, the rich vegetation of the territory breaks out in its thousand of colours and smells and it gives the chance to produce many and different types of honey.

Olives and oil

The olives and oil produced in the area of Medio Campidano are appreciated in the whole island, in Italy and in foreign countries.