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The territory of Arbus among history and nature (2nd stage)

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Typology: Mountain Bike, Trekking
Themes: Mine, Nature
Geography: Hills, Rivers and lakes, Sea
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: Long

Starting point: CAI path n° 190 starting  from the car park in Ingurtosu.

2nd stage Ingurtosu – Piscinas

This second stage starts from the CAI path 190, indicated with the “red-white-red” flags and it starts near the car park on the left, on the way to Piscinas. Following the unsurfaced road you arrive to Pozzo Gal shaft, a precious jewel of the mining archaeology, that is now a multimedia museum that tells about the history of the mine and it is also the seat of the CENTRE OF ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION (CEAS) INGURTOSU. At the end of the shaft there is a stopover area and you can go on following a path within the vegetation. Here a lot of breathtaking views within the mounts formed by the remains of the mineral washing, ancient houses and mining tunnels testimony the ancient mining extraction activity.

Following the descent towards the dump you get to Naracauli where the Brassey Lavery, with its characteristic double lancet window, is located. Go on along the old cartroad, following the stream Rio Naracauli. In this stretch of road the history of the territory of Arbus give space to the natural beauties: among the strawberry trees, lentisk, phyllirea, rock rose and honeysuckle it is possible to find many hoof prints of deer. Briefly you get near a picnic area, in Tinacci place that, in the past, was the crossroad for trains that brought minerals to the laveries of Bau and Naracauli. Still going on, you get to Sciopadroxiu place. Here ,the first dunes of Piscinas can be seen. In some points, they are 90m high and here the mineral, that had to be loaded, was carried with a little railway built in 1871. Crossing the dunes, you reach the clear sea and the ravishing beach of Piscinas, the final destination of this excursion.