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Piscinas beach

 Address: 09031 Arbus (VS)

Piscinas beach is one of the most charming and natural beauty in Costa Verde: located in an isolated zone, it is surrounded by high, sandy and golden dunes (the highest in Europe), still modelled by the mistral wind. The colour of the sand blands with the ones of Mediterranean scrub: brushes of prickly esparto, catchfly, thorny carrot, sea lily, junipers and ancient olive which are all over the dunes.

The beach, which is included in the SIC (Sito di Importanza Comunitaria – Site of Community Importance) from Piscinas to Riu Scivu, is the best place for animal watching: in some periods, it is possible to watch deers going down the beach and the sea turtles “Caretta Caretta” that lay their eggs.

Piscinas is the best place to practice sea-sports. Thanks to the west wind and the presence of high waves, especially in winter, it is the favorite place for surfers. People also practice diving to watch the English shipwrecks on the sea floor from centuries.

The beach can be reached in two ways: from Guspini through the mines or from Arbus through Ingurtosu and finally Piscinas. In both cases, driving along the ss.131 and at the crossroad for San Gavino, Guspini, taking  direction to Guspini or Arbus depending on the choice. Among the available facilities there are a campsite, a free car park, deck-chairs and beach umbrellas rental, and a hotel-restaurant with a fantastic view.