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Torre dei Corsari's beach

 Address: 09031 Arbus (VS)

The beach is 2kms long and it extends as far as Pistis and take its name from the Tower of Flumentorgiu, the tower that can be seen from the southern beach and that was built from Spanish in the XVII century to watch the Saracens’ invasions.

It is characterized by a golden sand and the high dunes brushed from a clear and blue sea. The landscape is ravishing: the frame of the uncontaminated nature around the golden sand is in touch with the green Mediterranean scrub that covers the inner hills and the blue sea that shines with the light of the sun.

Torre dei Corsari offers different ways to live the sea: a part from the wide beach, there are some isolated coves and other rocky corners for the fishing lovers. In particular, La Caletta Piccola and Is Cannisonis can be reached on foot from the little village and they are enchanting at the dawn and at the sunset. When the wind blows, the beach is the surfers and diving lovers’ destination.

Among the facilities we suggest you a big and free car park and a paying one (also for campers). There are some hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, refreshment bars, public  toilets, beach umbrellas, deck-chairs and pleasure boat rental and other beach sport facilities (volleyball, soccer etc).