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Scivu's beach

 Address: 09031 Arbus (VS)

The beach of Scivu is 3kms long with a bright sand and it is divided by a cliff on both sides. It is one of the most charming beaches of Costa Verde and most people say that it speaks because of the pleasant and particular sound it makes when walking on it. It is particular for its sand close to the cliffs and for the ravishing beauty of the sea, light blue or emerald green depending on the light of the sun.

It is an isolated beach, a favorite place for uncontaminated nature lovers: a path from the car park is the only access to the beach. The atmosphere is attractive in every moment of the year. In summer and in winter the most breathtaking moment is the sunset when the sand the cliffs become red.

It is included in the SIC (Site of Community importance) from Piscinas to Riu Scivu, and it is also the seat of a WWF oasis. When the west wind blows, it becomes the ideal place to practice surf. The clear sea gives great emotions to the diving lovers.

Scivu can be reached from the ss. 126, driving through Guspini and towards Arbus following the indication Fluminimaggiore and then Scivu. Facilities include a paying and big car park, a bar and refreshment, beach umbrellas, deck-chairs and pleasure boat rental.