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Gutturu de Flumini's beach

 Address: 09031 Arbus (VS)

Gutturu de Flumini is a little village in the south of Funtanazza, also known as Marina di Arbus. The beach, with sand and stones, is long and not deep because of the sea erosion and the sand is golden or dark yellow that indicates the presence of iron. The water is shallow and the sea floor is sandy and stony with rocks awash that make the landscape various and particular.

The northern part of the beach is closed by a calcareous face of the Tertiary period while the south side is marked by a black volcanic rock. The sandy coves are various and all reachable swimming.

The beach is reachable from Montevecchio driving along the S.P. until the crossroad for Costa Verde – Funtanazza, turning left and going ahead until Marina di Arbus village.

Among facilities  there are many accomodation, car parks, bars, restaurants and a slipway for little boats.