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Pistis beach

 Address: 09031 Arbus (VS)

Pistis is a place located on a hill on the coast. The beach, characterized by a golden sand is 2kms long until Torre dei Corsari and it is preceded by high dunes where the typical Mediterranean scrub grows ( some dunes are 30m high and they seem like a  “saharan” desert). This beach is the ideal place for those who like rocks because of the basalt rocks in its several coves where it is possible to take refuge and diving.

Curiosity: near the beach there is the “poet’s house” (la casa del poeta), a big juniper turned into a house that overlooks the sea. It was built by a 30 years man from Guspini who wanted every tourist to leave some verses or poems in the house at the end of the visit. All poems are still in the house. The roof is made up of dry helycrisum, a scented shrub typical of the Mediterranean scrub and the main trunk divides the rooms.

Among the facilities there are a free car park, a restaurant and refreshment point. In the beach, paying showers, toilets, beach umbrellas, deck-chairs and pleasure boat rental are available. The beach can be also reached by disabled people.