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Capo Pecora

 Address: 09031 Arbus (VS)

Capo Pecora is a cape recognized by SIC (Site of Community Importance) located in the southern part of Costa Verde. The beach is characterized by a light and coarse grain sand with cliff falling sheer to the sea. It is not a crowded place and it offers calm and peaceful moments within the uncontaminated nature: clear water, golden sand, rocks and the colours of the Mediterranean scrub are mixed together  creating an unforgettable landscape. The shallows of this sea are appreciated in particular by fish and diving lovers. In fact, this sea is rich in different types of fish.

There is a big parking area where campers can also stop and it is reachable driving along the northern S.P. 105 until the end ( there are many indications along the road).

Further information about this place: during the years, the water has modeled the rocks of these beaches giving them particular shapes. In fact, one of these coves is called the dinosaurs’ eggs beach. In the southern part there is an important fishing preserve for the repopulation of the sea urchin.