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Flumentorgiu tower

 Address: località Torre dei Corsari - 09031 Arbus (VS)

Located at a few meters from Torre dei Corsari beach (from which it takes its name), it was built by Spanish at the end of XVI to control and defend the territory from Saracen invasions.

It has been classified as “torre de armas” , tower of weapons able to fight against every kind of attack.  It had been active until 1867 with a garrison made up of a an Alcade ( officer commanding), a gunner and three or more soldiers. There were two “2X6”cannons and four shotguns.

Its structure is simple without decorative elements, the typical Spanish tower that must defend in case of attacks. Inside a central room with fireplace to heat and cook the food and stairs inside the walls that leads to the terrace “Piazza D’Armi”. In 1994 and in 2007 it was refurbished.