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Rural and enogastronomic holidays

Arbus offers a long rural and handicraft tradition with many high quality products among which goat and sheep cheese, cakes, honey and olive oil. If you love the good food, the local farms, the agritourisms and the restaurants, the cheese factories and food shops will bring you through a trip at the discover of the tastes of local tradition showing you the making process and taste laboratories. So, don’t lose the Goat Fair at the end of July where it is possible to taste the goat meat cooked according to the local tradition, exhibitions of local products and handicrafts, the making cheese labs.

If you are a handicraft lover, remember that Arbus is famous for knives and earthenware productions. And after a visit to the Knife and Ethnographic Museum (that hand on the cultural and farming traditions gathering objects, tools and furniture in the typical rooms) you can take part to many labs which shows the making of knives (arresojas) or ceramics and also buy them.