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Sardinian knife museum

 Address: via Roma 15 - 09031 Arbus (VS)
 Phone number:  070 9759220
 Sito: http://www.museodelcoltello.it

The Museum of Sardinian knife is in Via Roma, 15 and it is owned by Paolo Pusceddu, the owner who has restored an old house next to his cutlery. The museum has got four rooms for the exhibition of Sardinian blades ant the cutlery history showing the object the owner has collected.

There are ancient knives, also from XVI century, and the most important knife makers’ creations: Francesco Trudu from Villacidro, Sebastiano Spanu from Dorgali and Barore Brundu from Pattada. Among the knives there are some work of art that reproduce the typical Sardinian fauna.  Knives with horn handle of different colours, forms and shapes such as deer, wild pig, mouflon and eagle. There are also some painters’ works: Archimede Scarpa (from Selargius) and Efisio Pani (from Villacidro).

A room has been turned into a smith’s "su ferreri" lab with original tools of the last century. In another room, a shop that sells the knives that the factory produces. During the visit it is possible to watch some videos about the making of knives.

The museum exhibits a knife that in the past was the heaviest in the world. It was realized by Paolo Pusceddu in 1986 and it is an “Arburesa” the typical knife of Arbus with a inox steel blade and wooden handle. It is 4’85m long and it weighs 295kg.