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Museum of mineral history Dioramas

 Address: località Montevecchio - 09031 Arbus (VS)
 Phone number:  +39 3396939435  |  +39 3281540281
 E-mail: zampaverde@infinito.it
 Sito: http://www.museiminierarbus.altervista.org   |  https://www.ceasingurtosu.it/

The museum shows dioramas that represent the life of the mine through its history, it is a Dellacà collection. The visitor is guided in a fantastic trip through the mining world following a didactic itinerary that will make them curious and excited. The museum is in the Guest Quarters (Foresteria) in Montevecchio near the Museum Sanna–Castoldi. The Guest Quarters was built in 1930 and it gave hospitality to the engineers and managers of the mine: big rooms and halls, arcades and typical decorations of 1800 houses. In 2001 the Guest Quarters became property of Arbus municipality.

A part from being the seat of the museum, it is also used for ceremonies and meetings. The exhibition is managed by Zampa Verde and CEAS Ingurtosu (Centro di Educazione Ambientale) Arbus.