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SIC from Piscinas to Riu Scivu

The SIC is 2900 hectares wide and it includes three beaches of private or municipal property: the beach of Piscinas, characterized by high and ravishing dunes, the beach of Is Arenas and the beach of Scivu.

The dunes of Piscinas are one of the most beautiful, widest and important dunes complex from the point of view of the vegetation and the landscape and it is in an ancient cove where Rio Piscinas (in the south) and Rio Naracauli (in the centre) flow since Mesozoic and Cenozoic ages. This conformation gave life and shaped the dunes in Quaternary age since reaching the current height and extension.

From here, it is possible to admire the Mediterranean vegetation typical of the Mediterranean sandy coasts like the Scrophularia ramosissima (known as figworth of the beaches) and the Crucianella maritime. The dunes are steady thanks to the vegetation: Pistacia lentiscus ( lentisk) and Juniperus oxycedrus subsp macrocarpa. (juniper), while behind the dunes, protected from the wind, there are Palestine oak woods (Quercus coccifera), of very important naturalistic value. On the coastal area site, there are grasslands of poseidonia. This SIC is also important for the presence of a huge variety of flora and fauna and of the Sardinian deer.