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SIC Mount Linas - Marganai

The site of Community Importance Mount Linas - Marganai is an area of great geologic, landscape, botanic and faunistic interest, it is 23.600 hectares wide and it includes many municipalities among which Arbus.

From the point of view of the fauna, the site is particularly interesting for the presence of many endemic species like helychrise of Mount Linas ( Helychrisum montelinasum) endemic of the Sulcis-Iglesiente area or bugloss of Mount Linas ( Anchusa montelinesana) that grows only there.

The great interest is also given by the presence of unique habitats, by now completely disappeared in the Mediterranean basin like the carbonate formation forest of Marganai.

At a geological level it is important the presence of Precambrian rocks (the most ancient age of the earth, about 4,6 bilion years ago) associated to important tectonic movements.

The area is characterized by a high palaeontological and speleological interest with the presence of carsic hollow with unique structural characteristic and populated by troglofauna (animals that live in caves).

The Mount Linas- Marganai offers a variety of possibilities to open air sport lovers: trekking along the paths, mountain bike itineraries, biowatching and speleological excursions and climbing.