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SIC Is Arenas s'Acua and s'Ollastu

This site of Community Importance covers an area of 326 hectares. The sandy shore is about 6,1km long and it is important for the presence of dunes. The particular climate and the steady presence of the Mistral wind, which, blows from north-west, have caused the formation of landscape similar to a desert. These dunes are the widest in Europe and, thanks to the growth of vegetation, they have remained unchanged.

The sand of the dunes is fine, white and green. The vegetation is made of herbaceous plants like Cakile maritime or ravastrello (typical annual plant of coastal areas), Ammophilla arenaria  ( a perennial plant with grey- green leaves that varies from 50 to 120cm).

Behind the SIC area of the dunes there is the preserved Mediterranean scrub made up of different plants such as the Genista arburensis ( Spanish broom of Arbus) , the Arum pictum ( perennial plant which is 30 -50cms high and which has got dangerous berry for men, the Dipsacus ferox or Canada Thistle (herbaceous plant characterized by strong pricks and it is 1-3 meters high.