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SIC Capo Pecora

The site of Capo Pecora is 3800 hectares wide and it is on a promontory on the south- west territory of Arbus. There is an important biodiversity thanks to the presence of coastal and terrestrian environments. The vegetation has got typical characteristic of sandy and rock-dwelling environment: there are endemic species like Palestine oak (quercus coccifera). The northern and southern areas of the site are characterized by the dunes with the typical beaches vegetation.

The SIC of Capo Pecora is the ideal place to watch many particular animals: there is a settlement of Sardinian deer and it is the ideal habitat for some birds like the peregrin falcon and the green cormoran. A part from nature watching, it is possible to do trekking and mountain bike through many itineraries. The clear water and the shallows rich in biodiversity offer great satisfactions to the snorkeling and underwater fishing lovers.