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Arbus means virgin nature and breathtaking views. Its territory is one of the most  variegated and wild in Sardinia: the coasts are characterized by a crystal sea and golden beaches sometimes dominated by high cliffs and the inland where the woods and the typical colours of the mediterranean scrub alternated. The high value of its nature is visible in the presence of 6 S.I.C. areas (Site of Community Importance) and a W.W.F. oasis, perfect places to discover and enjoy the local flora and fauna.

SIC Su Corru S'Ittiri pool

This Site of Community Importance is made of two humid zones: Corru S’Ittiri, in front of the sea and Marceddi and San Giovanni pools.

SIC Is Arenas s'Acua and s'Ollastu

This site of Community Importance covers an area of 326 hectares. The sandy shore is about 6,1km long and it is important for the presence of dunes.

SIC from Piscinas to Riu Scivu

The SIC is 2900 hectares wide and it includes three beaches of private or municipal property: the beach of Piscinas, characterized by high and ravishing dunes, the beach of Is Arenas and the beach of Scivu.

SIC Capo Pecora

The site of Capo Pecora is 3800 hectares wide and it is on a promontory on the south- west territory of Arbus. There is an important biodiversity thanks to the presence of coastal and terrestrian environments.

SIC Mount Linas - Marganai

The site of Community Importance Mount Linas - Marganai is an area of great geologic, landscape, botanic and faunistic interest, it is 23.600 hectares wide and it includes many municipalities among which Arbus.