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Pozzo Gal Multimedia Museum – Ingurtosu

 Address: SP 65 direzione Piscinas - Pozzo Gal - località Ingurtosu - 09031 Arbus (SU)
 Phone number:  +39 3396939435
 E-mail: zampaverde@infinito.it
 Sito: https://www.ceasingurtosu.it   |  http://www.museiminierarbus.altervista.org

The multimedia museum of the mine in Pozzo Gal is dedicated to all the men who lived there and their family that have given their own personal objects, testimonies  and memoirs to this museum. Located in an important shaft, the itinerary is divided in different rooms that switch on as the visitor passes. There is a gallery where the characters interviewed in the area of Arbus give their testimony about the mine of Ingurtosu and its miners.