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Museum of minerals

 Address: località Montevecchio - 09031 Arbus (VS)
 Phone number:  +39 3396939435  |  +39 3281540281
 E-mail: zampaverde@infinito.it
 Sito: http://www.museiminierarbus.altervista.org   |  https://www.ceasingurtosu.it/

The museum contains a rich collection of minerals that mostly come from the mines of Montevecchio and some of them from other Sardinian mines or other part of Italy or foreign countries. The museum has been moved to the ex Guest Quarters (Foresteria) of Montevecchio ( before it was in the Office of Geology together with the collection Sanna- Castoldi) that also contains a collection of dioramas upon the history of the mine of Montevecchio.