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Mount Linas

The Linas Massif is one of the most ancient lands above sea level in Europe: originated 600 – 300 million years ago in Palaeozoic age, it extends in the north with Mount Arcuentu, reaching the coast of Arbus.

It is remarkably interesting from a geological, faunistic, floral and historical – mining point of view. The mountain landscape is characterized by crystalline schist,  pink granite and the green colour of thyme and helychrysum bushes together with a number of canyons where streams flow. The forest heritage is rich of holm-oaks, typical Mediterranean scrub like strawberry trees and heathers, phyllirea and big maples. At lower heights, there are also shrubs of rock rose, lentisk, wild olive while in the humid areas, near rivers and falls, there are willows and oleander.

A wide variety of birds dwell in these places: the buzzard, the peregrine falcon, the kestrel, the sparrowwhawk and also some exemplars of golden eagle which nest in the highest and most isolated peaks. There are also deers, mufflons and speleomantes.

Mount Linas is in the centre of a rich metalliferous area that has been exploited  since ancient times as confirmed by the numerous ruins of mines all over the territory among which Montevecchio and Ingurtosu in Arbus. The mount is the ideal place for those who wants to spend a day in contact with the nature: a net of paths within the woods towards the highest peaks and the falls offer relaxing walking in this ravishing frame.