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Funtanazza's beach

 Address: 09031 Arbus (VS)

Funtanazza is a ravishing place immersed in the green pinewood that surrounds it.

The beach is golden and the water is shallow ideal for children’s plays. In the recent past, Montevecchio miners’ children went there to spend some days at the home holidays “Casa al Mare Francesco Sartori”. Nowadays, the building needs to be restored. The sea is clear and blue with high cliffs on its sides and beautiful shallows, excellent place for diving.

In the wide pinewood it is possible to have picnics and the car park is free. The beach is reachable from the ss126 following the indication  Marina di Arbus until the old home-holiday.

Further information:

The home-holiday  was so described by the writer Francesco Masala in the book “Architetture dall’Unità d’Italia alla fine del ‘900”: “the building is located in a wide, impressive and desert cove, and it was completed with a 18km road, a pine reforestation  of 8 hectares and a waterworks linked with the Montevecchio one. The home-holiday has got three main buildings with different functions and a front arcade on the two floors of the main building important for the use of open protected spaces. There are also two big swimming pools, one is validated by CONI. The interiors halls are big, bright and fully equipped.

On the south of the home-holiday and until the cape of Sa Cabada Bianca there is an important fossil deposit.