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Brassey lavery

 Address: località Naracauli - 09031 Arbus (VS)

The lavery of Naracauli is also called Brassey Lavery by the English Lord Thomas Alnutt Brassey, the mine’s owner. It started its activity in 1900 for the processing of blend ( the blend is a material from which zinc, cadmium, gallium and indium were extracted).
At the same time the main shafts of Gennamari and Ingurtosu were also deepened and the construction of the new main shaft Lambert started and the transport of all the exctracted materials towards the Lavery was organized with funiculars, rails and cables.
This new system of mechanic treatment of minerals ( called washery with the purpose of wash better and separate the mineral from barren material), had been among the most important washery system in Sardinia for many years.
The lavery had been refurbished many times but in the ‘70s it was demolished and now it represents one of the most impressive and meaningful symbol of the architectural property of the Mining Geopark.